sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2016


“I have never met anyone as long-reaching as him, and I’m not talking about his height”, whispered the student, glancing upon the newfound teacher. Mr. McFellows, 47 years old, 30 in the past and 17 in the future, was able to reach his past – as well as everyone’s – with a slight reach from his mind. Having the most powerful mind of the century, muscles straight from the Greek Gods, and eyes that could be easily mistaken for arctic pools, he was unmatched. No one could believe it, and yet there he stood, calm as a broken sea, sturdy as a tree and welcoming as an apple pie. If you really dove into his eyes, some said, you could go crazy. The waves that built his line of reasoning, the foam that encompassed its structure and the breeze that made everything fall into place questioned any validity. He made you question everything you knew, would like to know or know at this very instant. He had a way of focusing all the different parts of something that never really led you to make a picture on your mind of the whole image. These lists of never ending parts kept floating on the sea and risked drowning daily. But his eyes, as cold, solid, lonely and forgotten as the south pole, his eyes were powerless to connect and to merge this images to cast a body of strength that would eventually coat all things known by men. His eyes, like arctic pools, were able to lie to no one.

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**Texto por Fernanda Marques Granato

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